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Our focus is simple, yet undeniaby important - to provide you with the professional affordable web design.
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Search Engines Optimization Summary
Icon Internal optimization of website:
Such as the structure and size of website, internal guide, heading labels, keywords label, file size, URL static, catalogues and files naming, the keywords’ positions in the web whether at H1, H2 and in bold italics, copywriting, techniques for word stem, internal links and characters links, photo ALT attributes, deriving links and streamlining code etc.
Icon External Optimization of Website :

mainly refers to the circumstances about external links.

Such as the number, quality of external links, and they from which domain names, the relatives of linked web and websites, whether keywords exist, the various of the linked words, how long links have been existing, links and linked words’ changes gone with the time, cross-link and link exchange ratio, etc.

Icon Website Map:
There are many WebPages in a website, google’s robots will cost long time to achieve all WebPages’ search, if these pages are alone. If there is a sitemap, you just need to find the sitemap that will help you find all the pages. Similarly, we should do our best to make links which can jump to other pages in each content-page and 2-columns-page.
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