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Our focus is simple, yet undeniaby important - to provide you with the professional affordable web design.
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Why do you need SEO?
SEO is not only good to the site publicity, but also the following features;
Icon to enhance corporate image:
Your site's rating in various sites will be a public recognition rating, very beneficial to corporate image, brand awareness;
Icon as many as 90 characters’ advertising :

The left search results can have as many as 90 more descriptive words, the browser can see the detailed presentation prepared in advance, and it has a very important role with a good description to attract viewers;

Icon convenience for companies to control costs:
SEO is a one-time payment for whole year, regardless of how many clicks, you won’t need to pay any additional costs, and site will always show up in the forefront. Comparing with the endless fee of PPC, SEO is very conducive to cost control for a company;
Of course, different from PPC, SEO is a purely technical publicity, it is using our company‘s proprietary technology which we studied search engines for years, so from the beginning Publicity to promote the full realization needs about 2-3 months. During this 2-3 months you can see your site rating in the major sites are increasing. It is worth to wait compared to the enormous effect. And in this 2-3 months, you can gradually adapt to the SEO effect of surprise, thus gradually carry out Internet-based e-commerce.
       Differences between SEO and PPC
Target search engine up to 8 1
display area main display area ads
Spam-click Spam can be avoided completely Impossible to be avoided
Click effective Large clicks Less clicks
Impression Powerful company Small company
Value High medium-sized
Cost pay by year, easy to control pay per click, never know how much would cost
Time 2-3 months immediately
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