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Our focus is simple, yet undeniaby important - to provide you with the professional affordable web design.
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It’s ranking first in when you search ‘cell phone china’. The client provide mobile phone rental and recharge to the customers that travelling aroud China for the major business. The main source of business relies on Internet marketing. After our web site optimization, a large number of Key words achieve better ranking in GOOGLE. Their business has grown several times as before.
Optimization of the whole site is not targeted at any certain keyword, but as far as possible to cover more of the long tail. According to the long tail theory, the long tail Key words will bring greater clicking and more accurate customer conversion rate than single hot keywords.

Report by GOOGLE:

Most clicked keywords and ranking:

   Top search query Average top position
    1.china mobile 5
    2.panda phone 3
    3.chinese mobile 3
    4.cell phone in china 1
    5.china cell phone 2
    6.china cell phones 2
    7.chinese cell phones 4
    8.india cell code 3
    9.pandaphone 1
    10.china cell phone service 3
    11.sim card in china 6
    12.china phone 7
    13.cell phone china 1
    14.cell phone in chinafor sale 3
    15.china cell phone numbers 3
    16.china cell phone rental 3
    17.china mobile in india 3
    18.cell pones from china for sele 4
    19.china mobile 5
    20.china sim card 7
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