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Our focus is simple, yet undeniaby important - to provide you with the professional affordable web design.
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Why choose Ecomma?

1. Supply us with a preliminary list of "keywords" that apply to your industry that potential visitors would be searching for.

2. We give you the solution & quotation, quotation is based on final consultations on the selected keyword

3. In 2-3 months, we can finish your site ranking on first page of Search Engine.

4. After the site’s search engine marketing, usually traffic, recorded pages, effective orders (registrations) such main parameters will reach 200% or even more of the original.

5. We promise not to use any cheating referenced in the first part of the violations that authenticated by GOOGLE official.

6. Payment: 30% total contract price as advance, when we finish ranking, pay 50% total contract price, 3 months later pay 20%.

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